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Severe Accident Facilities for European Safety Targets (SAFEST) is a 48 month EU-supported pan-European Integrated Research Infrastructure Initiative for increased safety of nuclear systems at EU level.


One of the main goals of SAFEST is to integrate European severe accident research facilities into a pan-European laboratory for severe accident and corium studies and to provide resources to other European partners for better understanding of possible accident scenarios and phenomena.


This unique consortium consists of eight partners from six different European countries and started working on July 1, 2014. It is able to adress the variety of the remaining severe accident issues related to severe accident analysis and corium behaviour.


SAFEST European Corium Experimental Research Roadmap


The SAFEST European Corium Experimental Research Roadmap is now available for interested partners:



Second Call for Proposals


The 2nd Call for Proposals was closed on April 30, 2016. The results of the second Call for proposals are summarised here:

Call for proposals


Access to SAFEST infrastructure


As an important part of the project, the SAFEST experimental platforms and facilities are offered for access to external user groups. The experimental facilities are unique in providing possibility to perform experiments in specific fields of corium behaviour and severe accident management including separate-effect experiments with simulant materials and experiments with prototypic corium.

An overview of the selected and performed experiments in the SAFEST infrastructure arising from the two Call for proposals is given here: Experiments